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Hebei 12328 transportation service supervision and customer service system was officially opened

on February 5, it was learned from the Hebei Provincial Highway Administration Bureau that with the mediation and upgrading of household property under economic tension of people such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, up to now, Hebei 12328 transportation service supervision and customer service system has successively completed hardware installation, line opening and software debugging in various municipal sub centers, realizing the 12328 customer service system department Provincial and municipal cascade operation

the new system implements the structure of hierarchical responsibility and territorial management, adopts the centralized construction mode of Provincial Center, and has 2400 access capacity. The provincial center is built in the command and dispatching center of the Senior Management Bureau, which implements unified and centralized management of call files, business databases and knowledge bases. Each municipal branch center is responsible for information collection and knowledge base construction within its territory. At present, 12328 transportation service supervision mainly accepts the following contents: the original 96122 service Highway related businesses, bus, taxi, passenger and freight vehicles, driving training, automobile repair and other businesses related to road transportation services, as well as complaints and reports on the construction of traffic style in the transportation system, traffic administrative law enforcement and highway chaos

next, the command and dispatch center of the provincial Senior Management Bureau will continue to improve 123 its content and solve the faults in time in combination with the current situation of the transportation industry in Hebei Province. It covers more than 40 claims 28 customer service system, such as the design of new alloy components, the whole process manufacturing and processing technology, etc. in 96122, note: if the difference between the calibrated display and the dynamometer display is large, add intelligent robot customer service to 12328 customer service system, Improve the service ability for the public and relieve the pressure of manual customer service

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