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at more than 2 a.m. on January 12, 2003, the outdoor temperature has dropped to more than minus 20 degrees Celsius, which is the coldest time in Heilongjiang winter. The computer room of Heilongjiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hei petrochemical) is still brightly lit, and the staff are operating again and again to make the final test of the functions of the information system

as the deputy chief engineer of Hei petrochemical and the person in charge of the informatization project, Li Yong has a good understanding of the performance of the whole system, but he is still under some pressure after all. Lack of sleep for several consecutive days has made his eyes bloodshot. "The expert group is coming tomorrow, and everything must work normally." Li Yong told Zhang Jianyong. Zhang is the director of the computer center of Hei petrochemical, and he is also a cadre under Li Yong

on the morning of January 12, the "report meeting on ERP application results of Hei petrochemical" was held in Daqing city. Although the stability of the whole system was no problem, Li Yong was still a little nervous in the face of many experts. He knew in his mind that the ERP system of Hei Petrochemical was only a semicircle now, and there were many functions not yet available. Because of this, after consideration, Li Yong didn't use the name "ERP project acceptance meeting" but "ERP application results report meeting"

"you know, the total investment in this project is only more than 700000 yuan in terms of software, not just expanding a trading platform. It takes 1 year and 20 days. If it weren't for our staff working day in and day out, they wouldn't even dare to hold a report meeting now." Li Yong is very proud of this system. From the signing of the contract on December 22, 2001 to the holding of the results application report meeting in 2003, Li Yong knew that it was not easy to "one year and 20 days". After using the three "tricks" of "coaxing, cheating and pressing", he finally achieved "both speed and quality are indispensable"

7 years of preparation

divided in a conventional way, Hei petrochemical, which turns over more than 1billion yuan to the province every year, is already a large company worthy of the name. In the eyes of Sinopec employees, it is more objective, "our enterprise is too small to be the target of national key support, and the funds paid every year weigh heavily on us." A driver of Hei Petrochemical told the company the grim reality

"Hei Petrochemical used to be an enterprise mainly engaged in oil refining. Although it was a provincial and municipal key enterprise, it was far from other large petrochemical enterprises in terms of enterprise scale, output and efficiency. It is our 'economic chemical industry' that can come to this day and live well." Li Yong told that in the past 10 years, heipec has successively launched a number of economic chemical projects, such as the phenol load with an annual output of 10000 tons. The experimental force instigates the change range to meet the requirements. The product production line (the largest phenol production line in China), methyl ether ketone production line, etc. these projects have become an important guarantee for the continued development of heipec

advanced production investment needs effective management, and Hei Petrochemical has also gone a long way on the road of information management. According to the statistics of Sinopec, from 1998 to 2002, the investment of Sinopec in information management reached 23.58 million yuan. "In fact, Hei Petrochemical had some investment long ago. If calculated from 1994, the total investment of 23 companies with more than 100 billion yuan was about more than 31 million yuan. But the investment before 1998 had little final effect, which was partly because we didn't know much about informatization and informatization management at that time. This' common problem 'of the vast majority of domestic enterprises, Hei Petrochemical also failed to achieve Enough to avoid. "

objectively speaking, the early information management described by Li Yong does not have practical significance. Since 1994, Sinopec has been using an MRP II system. Because the concept of information management is relatively vague, the established system has not been specifically applied. After 1997, Sinopec has a new understanding of the importance of information," it will no longer invest a huge sum of money at one time, Instead, small-scale investment is made step by step, and further investment will be made only after it has an effect on the production and process of the enterprise. "

this mode of thinking has brought practical results. In addition to the full guarantee of stable production, the production efficiency has also been further improved." The biggest advantage is to record the production data in real time and provide sufficient analysis data for production decision-makers. "Li Yong believes that the return benefit of the high amount of money invested in the system construction is very obvious, and has also been recognized by the whole enterprise. As for the current system, it is not only stable, but also reduces the operation threshold." it achieves things that were difficult to do with the conventional control dial in the past, and provides multi-layer pictures, such as production pictures, alarm pictures, historical record pictures, and trend pictures. "

as the deputy chief engineer in charge of technology, Li Yong attributed these systems to the name of" informatization ". In fact, from 1994 to the beginning of 2001, most of the investment of Sinopec was only in the field of industrial automation, and informatization was only the isolated island local construction of a department. The addition of Inspur soft ERP project made Sinopec truly embark on" informatization " "The express train of. Maybe Sinopec didn't realize that the seven-year road of automation has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of its ERP project.


at present, Sinopec has invested a lot of money in application management." In the early days, our company had a relatively strong technical force, and many things were made by ourselves. "Li Yong said. According to his introduction, there are more than 20" technical backbones "of Sinopec, and the others are" staff ", that is, students who have just graduated.

it can be said that such a team can not be regarded as" a relatively strong technical force ", but it does save a considerable amount of money for Sinopec." If we buy a set of control system that has been developed twice from developers or other similar companies, it will cost at least 1.5 million yuan for the tensile test and tensile behavior of polymers. But if we do it ourselves, we can generally save about 50% of the investment. "Li Yong said that in the development and construction of the control system, a large part of the money is given to the system integrator, but the main difficulty of the system is only in the system design. Sinopec has solved this problem through its own technicians, and it is easier to save investment." what remains is only physical work, which we can do by ourselves. "In terms of application management, in addition to process design, the most urgent problem for Heishi Petrochemical is financial software. In fact, before choosing Langchao tongsoft ERP products, Heishi

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