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Hebei: implant "smart core" into agricultural machinery with big data

Abstract: agricultural machinery is the material basis and scientific and technological carrier of modern agricultural development, and once big data is combined with agricultural machinery, it will stimulate great energy to promote agricultural modernization. As a major agricultural machinery Province in Hebei, how is the "smart agricultural machinery" developing

"after this' smart box 'is installed, it can display the number of mu of operation, monitor the depth of operation, and automatically identify the land plots that have been operated repeatedly in three years..." a few days ago, he Meizhang, an agricultural machine operator in Qianwang village, Wei County, Hebei Province, who is overhauling subsoiling machinery, said that according to the subsoiling subsidy policy, he can get a subsidy of 28.5 yuan for subsoiling 1 mu of land for farmers, but before, Farmers need the signature, fingerprint and retention of the manufacturer of the experimental machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., as well as the measurement, signature and official seal of the village committee of the village cadres. The procedure of receiving subsidies is very complex. "Nowadays, through the intelligent equipment on the locomotive, the data is directly transmitted to the agricultural machinery management department, which saves many links. It is very convenient. The proportion of coniferous pulp from the United States accounts for about 20%."

agricultural machinery is the material basis and scientific and technological carrier of modern agricultural development. Once big data is combined with agricultural machinery, it will stimulate great energy to promote agricultural modernization. As a major agricultural machinery Province in Hebei, how is the "smart agricultural machinery" developing? Recently, I visited agricultural machinery operators and farmers in Wei County, Yongnian, Pingshan and other places with questions, and really felt the new changes brought by agricultural machinery towards the "big data era" to agricultural production in Hebei

major agricultural machinery provinces take the lead in building "smart agricultural machinery"

"agricultural machinery is widely used in all links of agricultural production, such as farming, planting, management and income, and plays an important role in promoting agricultural efficiency and increasing farmers' income." Song Dongfang, head of Pingshan County Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station, said that in recent years, governments at all levels have made greater efforts to support agricultural production, such as farmland subsoiling subsidies, but limited to insufficient supervision manpower and backward means, it is difficult to control the quality and area of operations, and it is easy to cheat subsidies

"if one mu of land is subsoiled, it will cost about 30 yuan. But the procedure of 'no money' is too complicated. It's also to fill in the form and ask the village cadres to sign and seal. Without that, we can't do it!" In zhengjiazhuang village, Pingshan County, when Ren Zhimin, a villager, talked about land subsoiling subsidies, he felt that this beneficial policy was a little "too troublesome"

"at present, most of the farmers are elderly women, and some villagers don't, but the agricultural machinery department requires that the farmer's number must be filled in, and village cadres are also required to supervise the operation..." Wang Liwei, President of Boao agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Pingshan County, said that their cooperative has more than 40 agricultural machinery, and they can't receive the subsidy for subsoiling operation in full every year because farmers don't have or can't find the signature of village cadres

"Hebei is a major agricultural province and also a major agricultural machinery province." Fu Qiang, director of Hebei Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said that in 2016, the total power of Hebei Agricultural Machinery reached 74.02 million KW, accounting for 1/10 of the country, and the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest reached 76.2%, 11 percentage points higher than the national average. With the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture, there are still problems such as low scientific and technological content of agricultural machinery and equipment, asymmetric supply and demand information, extensive management methods, poor service capacity, high operating costs and so on

modern agriculture calls for "smart agricultural machinery". Yanchunxiao, head of Hebei Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, said that at present, the province has 1.6 million tractors and 145000 combine harvesters, and the task of safety production supervision is very arduous. In order to effectively improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery management and deeply integrate informatization with agricultural machinery equipment, production operations and management services, Hebei took the lead in building a smart agricultural machinery decision-making and management information platform integrating informatization, intelligence and visualization, namely Hebei agricultural machinery big data platform, which initially realized the functions of seamless docking of agricultural machinery operations, positioning and navigation, remote supervision, optimization and allocation, data collection, and online approval

"smart agricultural machinery" improves efficiency, reduces losses and reduces consumption

"this information platform has seven systems: intelligent scheduling, subsoiling monitoring, safety supervision, agricultural machinery promotion, agricultural machinery identification, resource management, and agricultural machinery big data." Yi Shike, deputy director of the Yongnian District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry of Handan City, said, "the platform can be downloaded to both computers and, which has brought major changes to our agricultural machinery management and service methods."

while showing the "I'm the owner" app installed on the, he Meizhang said, "the operating mu can be directly displayed on the intelligent device display screen of the subsoiling machine, and the system will automatically alarm when the cultivated land depth is less than 25 cm. These data will be uploaded to the agricultural machinery management department at the same time, eliminating many links such as filling in forms and checking in the past."

"last year, we installed intelligent terminal equipment on the combine harvester, which greatly reduced the locomotive air consumption and manpower waste. Only the measurement of working area saved about 10000 yuan of labor expenditure per harvester." Wang Liwei said that cooperatives and the families of agricultural machinery operators can understand the location and working status of agricultural machinery through intelligent systems, reducing concerns and concerns

"smart agricultural machinery" runs through the whole process of agricultural production mechanization. Teng Guifa, chief expert of Hebei "smart agricultural machinery" project and director of Hebei agricultural big data Collaborative Innovation Center, introduced that "smart agricultural machinery" has realized the intellectualization and digitalization of the whole process of agricultural machinery operations such as farming, planting, management and harvesting through the comprehensive use of agricultural IOT, big data and mobile Internet technology, and has realized "the integration of heaven and earth, the intelligent interconnection of man-machine and material, the data integration of provinces, cities and counties, and the co construction and sharing of big data", which provides agricultural machinery operators Farmers, cooperatives, agriculture and agricultural research departments provide accurate decision-making information services

Wei Baigang, director of Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture, believes that "smart agricultural machinery" is a major innovation of Hebei agricultural machinery. According to him, by the end of 2016, the province had installed 5453 subsoiling monitoring equipment and effectively implemented intelligent monitoring operations of 5.27 million mu, accounting for 55.6% of the operating area of the province

big data adds "smart wings" to agricultural machinery.

"it costs about 2000 yuan to purchase a set of intelligent terminal equipment, and I hope it can be included in the scope of agricultural machinery subsidies." Wang Liwei said, "this set of equipment is really good. At the beginning, the cooperative actively mobilized agricultural machinery workers to buy it. Later, several agricultural machinery workers took the initiative to buy it, but there are still some people who did not install this equipment because of 'lack of money' and other reasons. In this way, their agricultural machinery cannot be included in the provincial agricultural machinery service system."

whether intelligent terminal devices can be popularized is the key to the great development of "smart agricultural machinery". Fu Qiang said that due to the support of subsoiling operation subsidy project, subsoiling intelligent terminal equipment is installed faster and more, but the combined collection 1. Digital display tensile testing machine is also known as microcomputer tensile testing machine: the test data are directly displayed on the LCD screen, and agricultural machines such as cutting machine and farming machine are installed less. The 13th five year plan for the development of national agricultural mechanization proposes to implement the plan to enhance the guarantee conditions of agricultural machinery and the plan to promote the integration of mechanization and informatization, support the assembly of intelligent information equipment on key machines and tools, carry out the demonstration of precision farming of agricultural machinery, and promote the application of large data of agricultural mechanization. Fu Qiang suggested that Hebei be listed as a pilot province for the intelligent construction of agricultural machinery, and the application of big data intelligent terminal equipment should be gradually popularized

"Hebei agricultural machinery has inserted 'smart wings' and is moving towards a new era of intelligent agricultural machinery and agricultural modernization." Liu Zhenzhou, member of the Party group of the Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture and deputy director of the provincial agricultural industry office, said, Hebei plans to implement three major projects in the next three years: "Develop and improve multi-functional intelligent terminal products, transform and improve traditional agricultural machinery equipment, and strive to install intelligent terminal equipment on 160000 wheat and corn combine harvesters and subsoiling machines in the province; strengthen the collection, collation, statistical analysis, sharing and sharing of all kinds of agricultural machinery data, so as to provide strong support for production, scientific research, decision-making and services; strive to build an integrated agricultural machinery big data application platform in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and create a complementary and common agricultural machinery in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Win the development situation. "

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