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Spoiler: 2016 Huawei channel policy

on March 10, 2016 Huawei China partner conference will be held in Chengdu. After communicating with Huawei executives, business partners preempted the following core content:

about figures

in 2015, the performance of Huawei enterprise BG China increased by 38%. From 2011 to 2015, the compound annual performance growth rate of Huawei BG China reached 36%. At the same time, Huawei hopes to continue to maintain high-speed growth in 2016

in 2015, Huawei's digital communication products increased by more than 40%, and American Aerospace Corporation took the lead in making new civil aircraft interior trim specimens with carbon fiber T300, aramid fiber and special glass fiber composites; Top2 new market share of storage enterprise market; Video and elte ranked first in the new market share in China

in 2015, more than 5000 partners made transactions with Huawei's enterprise business in China. More than 20 partners have achieved sales of more than 100 million

in 2015, 70% of the service items were delivered by partners, while 20 years later, I changed my mind. In 12 years, the figure was less than 50%

in 2016, the number of Na customers of Huawei hightouch will be reduced from more than 2000 to about 1000. This also means that partners will get more independent marketing space. Huawei itself focuses on customers in government, finance, energy, transportation and other industries

about policy

let's see how to choose and buy pressure testing machines. In 2016, Huawei enterprises selected some key industrial enterprises in China and will focus on building four ecosystems: joint innovation ecosystem, smart city ecosystem, cloud computing ecosystem and distribution ecosystem

in 2016, Huawei will focus on channel order and partner capability improvement on the one hand, and set up a capability development fund, which will focus on partner allocation and quotation capability, project delivery capability improvement, distribution personnel training, etc

Huawei will launch the distribution regional system and increase platinum level distribution partners

channel policies are further subdivided, independent ISV channel policies are added, and incentive mechanisms are proposed accordingly

in the industry market, Huawei will guide customer managers to transfer to industry representatives. This also means that more front-line sales managers of Huawei will step back behind the scenes. When making project quotations to customers, they will first consider the operating costs of partners

in 2016, Huawei will officially establish Huawei China partner university, which will become Huawei's general interface Department for partner training and empowerment

about Huawei partner reference

the English name Huawei partner reference China 2016 was first determined at the 2016 Huawei China partner conference, which marks the effort to gradually build the Partner Conference into a cooperation platform for global partners

the exhibition area of the 2016 Huawei China partner conference will increase from 4000 square meters in 2015 to 6000 square meters, and nearly 30 partners will set up independent exhibition areas

2016 Huawei China partner conference will be dominated by external brain, and only three Huawei speeches will be arranged in the main forum. At the same time, 20 industry and thematic sub forums have been set up, covering more than 100 topics. Many authoritative experts from the Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Information Technology Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of engineering and other authoritative experts will share the current cutting-edge and hottest information trends

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