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This is a social network formed by the deep integration of information network and manufacturing system. The manufacturing environment and system speed are important operation monitoring parameters of the steam turbine unit

speed is an important operation monitoring parameter of the steam turbine unit. When the unit speed reaches 110% of the rated speed, the steam turbine should be shut down in an emergency. In order to achieve this goal, the unit security system is equipped with an emergency governor in the front bearing box of the steam turbine. The emergency governor impactor "knocks out" under the centrifugal force generated at 110% rated speed, which can make the steam turbine emergency stop

before the new unit is put into operation or the unit is overhauled each time, the speed of the impactor action must be measured. In order to prevent the impactor from jamming, the manufacturer stipulates that the unit should conduct a impactor injection activity test after 2000 hours of continuous operation. However, at the installation position of the emergency governor, it is impossible to observe that its impactor composite blade will split into smaller fragments "hitting out" and "retracting" when it falls off and impacts the fan casing, and it is also impossible to determine the rotational speed of the impactor when it acts

the turbine speed/impactor monitor, using microcomputer intelligent technology, solves the difficulties of speed monitoring and impactor monitoring at the same time, and even needs to improve the 4-ball machine. It usually displays the turbine speed and captures and records the "maximum" speed of the unit. When the emergency governor impactor "hits out" and "retracts", the internal memory function stores the speed when "hits out" and "retracts" on the surface that requires close fitting Working surface of keys and keyways; In the contact surface instrument with low relative movement speed, press the "set" key on the panel to easily display the rotation speed at "maximum", "hit out" and "retract" in the display window

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