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"Environmental protection pioneer" diatom mud should not be "misunderstood"

"environmental protection pioneer" diatom mud should not be "misunderstood"

August 13, 2015

[China paint information] some people say "purify the air", others say "exaggerate", wall material diatom mud has recently been charged with "indoor air killer". At first glance, some people think it is a facial mask, but consumers who know and use it know it, It is a kind of wall decoration material painted like mud and with a variety of textures and colors. Many years ago, this material, which is derived from diatom minerals in the sea and lakes, has been regarded as an "environmental friendly and natural" healthy decoration material

but over the years, due to the particularity of its raw material collection, diatom mud has not been as widely popularized as paint and wallpaper. Recently, rumors about "diatom mud is not environmentally friendly, and diatom mud leads to leukemia" have become rampant. The market is already cold and hot diatom mud, which has become the focus this time. In order to find out the "environmental protection" truth of diatom mud, contact the ecological environment branch of China Building Materials Federation at the first time. The attitude of relevant experts is very clear: diatom mud with qualified quality will not have a problem with its own environmental protection, and it can also purify the air and regulate humidity

at the same time, the "Symposium on innovative technology and safety of new diatom materials" hosted by the ecological environment branch of China Building Materials Federation was held in Beijing. What are the secrets of diatom mud? Is the rumor in the market true or false? What kind of material is it? Made a detailed inquiry

there are many "killers" in indoor air, and diatom mud should not be "blamed"

in the rumor, "leukemia caused by long-term contact with a brand of diatom mud products", it looks the most creepy. Is this statement credible? Many consumers have a heart of "trusting what they have or not trusting what they don't have". Diatom mud products, which are not very popular, have been transformed into the strong support most needed by partners with professionalism and efforts, which makes people "stay away from them". However, at the same time, relevant experts put forward different views

Ji Zhijiang, Secretary of the ecological environment building materials branch of the China Building Materials Federation, told that there are many factors causing indoor air pollution. Improper purchase of furniture and improper selection of building materials for decoration may cause indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances to exceed the standard. It is undoubtedly a kind of assumption to directly draw the light weight of cars into a bright spot when indoor air pollution and diatom mud products are unqualified

diatom mud is an inorganic material. The quality difference lies in the "additional functions"

the building materials market is chaotic, and diatom mud products are also mixed. We found that the quality of diatom mud of different brands is difficult to judge, and its price is also uneven, as low as 50 or 60 yuan per square meter, as high as hundreds of yuan per square meter. "Objectively speaking, because most diatom mud products in the market are inorganic materials, their own environmental protection can meet national standards. The main quality difference lies in some auxiliary functions, such as the ability to adjust indoor humidity, the ability to purify formaldehyde, etc." Ji Zhijiang said, "there are differences in the texture, color, style and process details of diatom mud. Therefore, there are indeed price differences in products of different categories and brands."

diatom mud has "fans" painted all over the walls of the home

although 11. All relevant historical records can be automatically queried according to the conditions of the sample, the date of the experiment, the experimental data and other conditions. The above rumors also found that diatom mud, which is not a popular material, actually has "fans". Some consumers who have used this material say that they like the natural texture and believe that this material from the sea is environmentally friendly

some people applied diatom mud to every episode of their home, which was highly automated and intelligent, and expressed their "favor" for it. In addition to its own environmental protection, the outstanding advantage of diatom mud is its ability to purify the air. "The aldehyde purification effect of diatom mud is 6000 times that of activated carbon. The purification principle of diatom mud is not simply adsorption, but also releases water and oxygen through complex molecular transformation." A diatom mud Fan said, "it can be considered that diatom mud is a breathing material."

acetaldehyde purification, antibacterial, humidity regulation, anti ash, sound insulation, no static electricity

"I didn't know until I used it myself that diatom mud actually has the effect of sound insulation." Another fan of diatom mud told us. As a violin teacher, Mr. Wang, a consumer, said, "before practicing the piano at home, it felt a little echo, and the sound insulation effect of the wall was not very good. Later, diatom mud was used, which did improve significantly."

as for other characteristics of diatom mud, relevant experts from the ecological environment branch of China Building Materials Federation said that it has tiny gaps, which will absorb or release water with seasonal changes and air humidity changes, and automatically adjust the humidity of indoor air to make the indoor environment more balanced and comfortable. But at the same time, due to the tiny holes on its surface, many people suspect that the diatom mud wall is "not easy to handle" and "not resistant to dirt". In this regard, diatom mud fans with many years of experience said that the diatom mud wall in their home is generally wiped with a feather duster, or directly wiped with an ordinary eraser, which can achieve the cleaning effect. At the same time, diatom mud does not generate static electricity and does not absorb dust, which is more "reassuring" than other materials

take advantage of the situation to sell at a high price to make up for diatom mud flooding the market

when the advantages of diatom mud attract the attention of consumers, "Shanzhai" products also emerge. It can be seen in the market that similar statements of "water-based diatom mud" are not uncommon, but when we investigate it, we will find that the so-called diatom mud products are actually ordinary paints. Jizhijiang reminded consumers that some paint brands claimed that their products added diatomite, which had the same effect as diatomite mud and had the advantages of paint. In fact, it was to raise the price and had no practical function

the weakness of diatom mud "not waterproof" has become a "past tense". At present, diatom mud products specially designed for kitchen and bathroom space are indeed in the market, which have stronger waterproof performance than traditional products. However, when choosing diatom mud, consumers must pay attention to whether it belongs to the waterproof type. Special products in toilets and kitchens often have special design and treatment, and the price is relatively higher

it is more direct to choose to judge whether there is a "national standard" and smell the "taste". Of course, consumers' doubts are not unreasonable. Diatom mud products in the market are mixed. The most intuitive way for consumers to judge whether diatom mud is good or bad is to feel it on the spot. At the same time, according to its texture and smell, a good product is absolutely tasteless

at the same time, jizhijiang also reminded consumers that they can refer to the corresponding national standards, including diatom mud decorative wall materials (jc/t), national standard for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials, jc/t2177 health and comfort indicators, which have reference value for the environmental protection of diatom mud products themselves and their many ancillary functions. In addition, Ji Zhijiang also said that the diatom mud package with three logos in the figure is an authorized product


diatom new material innovation technology industry alliance established

recently, the "diatom new material innovation technology industry alliance" was established in the State Key Laboratory of green building materials, China Academy of building materials science. More than 70 diatom mud enterprises participating in the meeting signed the "diatom new material innovation technology industry alliance Convention". It is understood that the alliance will aim to form the core competitiveness of the industry, take enterprises as the main body, focus on the forefront of industrial technology development, use market mechanisms to gather innovative resources, realize the effective combination of enterprises, scientific research institutions and relevant colleges and universities at the strategic and tactical levels, and jointly break through the technical bottleneck of the development of diatom sludge industry

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