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Bitzone speed with special zone take-off

bitzone speed with special zone take-off

April 11, 2005

Haichuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. It is the exclusive partner in China of industrial additives such as architectural coating additives and plastic processing additives of Germany's former Henkel company and now Corning company, It mainly provides auxiliary products and application technology services for domestic coating and other production enterprises. With the development of marketization, customers have higher and higher requirements for Haichuan chemical company. In order to further improve the service quality, we continue to learn from foreign advanced technology, and continue to carry out technological innovation in combination with the characteristics of domestic enterprises. Haichuan chemical industry has gradually developed and expanded with the continuous progress of the market

Dr. tanghuigong, executive general manager of Shenzhen Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

about the development of Haichuan company

more than a decade ago, with the emergence of foreign latex paint, many domestic solvent based manufacturers on swing rods also tried to adjust their products in the direction of hydration. At the same time, many architectural coating plants also see the performance gap between their low-grade coatings and latex paints. Subsequently, paint formulation designers found that it was not enough to pay attention to resins and pigments alone. Additives had a great impact on the comprehensive properties of coatings, such as the preparation, color matching, storage and construction of coatings

with the gradual increase of customers' demand for Haichuan company, the requirements for services have also developed from business services to technical services. At that time, the reference formulas provided by foreign additive production suppliers were based on foreign pigments, fillers and lotion, while domestic users could not completely rely on imported pigments, fillers and lotion for coating production. Foreign suppliers are not familiar with domestic raw materials, nor can they provide necessary technical support for a large number of small and medium-sized users and domestic raw materials with diverse varieties and scattered origins. How to use domestic pigments, fillers, lotion and other raw materials to provide practical paint formulations for domestic enterprises is a new problem we face. To this end, Haichuan chemical company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to study the formula application technology. At the same time, Haichuan chemical company has regular technical exchanges with German Corning company, which has provided us with a lot of foreign experience and application technology. But we both know that although China's production technology and market consumption level cannot be compared with developed countries, the goal of pursuing high-quality products and technology is similar. Koning company has adopted flexible policies and given active support to the technological development of Haichuan chemical company on the premise of mutual benefit. Haichuan chemical not only provides users with a wide variety of coating additives, but also develops formulas in combination with the characteristics of users' raw materials, which better provides production technology solutions for the majority of domestic users, and has done some meaningful work to promote the progress of China's construction coating production technology. The leaders of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of construction have always been very concerned about the development of China's architectural coating industry, and have given strong support and encouragement to the efforts of Haichuan chemical to "make foreign things serve China" and carry out the development of applied technology. In order to further strengthen the technological development and promotion, and promote the development of China's architectural coating industry, the "architectural coating engineering research center of the Ministry of construction" was established with Haichuan company as the main supporting unit after the review and approval of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of construction and the China chemical building materials expert group, hoping to play a positive role in promoting the development of China's architectural coating industry. Haichuan chemical company has gradually turned from an auxiliary supplier to a solution supplier that provides all-round technical support and services for coating production. The establishment of Haichuan color company is the extension and expansion of the emulsion paint production formula technology development and service business of Haichuan chemical company, which enables the development of architectural coatings from pure white to colorful high-performance interior and exterior wall coatings, provides domestic basic emulsion paint with high-quality and low-cost color pastes, color cards, color matching software, color matching machines and other modern color matching technologies, and provides advanced flexible production technology for color paint production

technical issues on the formulation of energy and environment development strategy to improve the quality of coatings

(1) from the perspective of the coordination between materials and structures, architectural coatings should not become "ugly" technology and materials, but should be the technology of building brightening. Just like cosmetics, the effect of high-performance cosmetics for old women in their twilight years can never be compared with that of young girls. In the construction coating industry, it is common to ignore the substrate materials and treatment technology of the lower layer of the coating for many years, and even mistakenly think that the money is spent in places that cannot be seen directly, resulting in quality problems of the construction coating soon after construction. The putty with low-grade and high water absorption affects the construction, decoration and protective effect of the finish paint, shortens the service life of the decorative coating, and causes a great waste. It has become an unwritten common practice that the top coat needs to be mixed with water before construction. For the coating film, water is not a film-forming material, but it can increase the brushing area. Whether it can be understood in this way ----- mixing paint with water is adulteration! Therefore, the promotion of low water absorption, calenderable substrate treatment putty and the gradual elimination of soft sandable low-cost inorganic putty will be the development direction of the architectural coating industry

(2) another goal of formulation designers is to develop finished paints that can be used on non cracking, flat and dense substrates and can be applied without mixing water. Medium PVC, no dehydration shrinkage, no floating color, good leveling, good can opening effect, no sagging, large painting area, good water resistance, stain resistance, aging resistance, good durability, can use the ordinary lotion and pigments and fillers sold in the market, and has high cost performance. It should become the product technical standard of building coatings in China. The application technology of surfactants in water-based building coatings will play a more important role than before

about the development of Haichuan company

when our products get the trust and support of more and more customers, we found that simply shipping from Shenzhen can no longer meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers. They need a variety of products, a small number, and long-distance transportation is very slow. In order to meet customers' needs and establish a better service system, we have established Haichuan chemical branch in cooperation across the country, thereby optimizing market channels. The development of the company is inseparable from the selfless dedication of all employees. The company warmly encourages Haichuan employees to learn and forge ahead in their work. Haichuan chemical company has been providing technical training, sales training and sales management training to its employees for many years. Under the premise of the company's overall development strategy, most employees give full play to their subjective initiative and practice the knowledge they have learned according to the specific situation of their market, which enriches themselves and serves the company. Haichuan chemical industry recruits graduates from key domestic universities every year to enrich the market and research and development frontline. Haichuan company draws on all kinds of talents with the mind of "accepting all rivers". We don't necessarily require every employee to have more than five years of work experience to join Haichuan. The company selects and trains talents according to its own corporate culture

with the rising oil price, many raw materials needed in the current building coating market have been affected by the rising price, which will lead to the reshuffle of the market pattern. When the mainstream of the market is standardized and reorganized by large and medium-sized enterprises, when the intensification of China's construction coating industry is greatly improved, when new technologies and new materials are widely used in production practice, and when a large number of technical standards are widely promoted and applied by enterprises, China's construction coating industry can truly achieve sustainable development. Social progress will promote the progress of enterprises. The essence of Haichuan's development is teamwork. Haichuan group is full of talents, and the strength of any individual is reflected in the team. Our is as shown in Figure 1: the team is booming

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