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Wall coating diatom mud also has greasy consumption to be cautious

wall horizontal tensile testing machine technical parameters of horizontal tensile testing machine paint diatom mud also has greasy consumption to be cautious

January 27, 2016

[China paint information] diatom mud is an indoor decorative wall material with diatomite as the main raw material, and a new generation of indoor decorative material to replace wallpaper and latex paint. Diatom mud has the property of mud, is not easy to be contaminated with dust, and the wall is self-cleaning. The rich texture patterns and colors are suitable for all kinds of indoor decoration projects, which are easy to repair, greatly improve the quality of life of ordinary people and reduce the incidence rate of various diseases

One of the dark scenes of

is that it has no function and releases harmful substances

a large number of chemical adhesives and additives (photocatalysts) are added to this kind of "diatom mud", which blocks all the holes in the diatom mud wall and becomes "dead mud", completely losing the characteristics of mud, and solidifies after drying. Because the thickness of diatom mud is much greater than latex paint, and the use of chemical adhesives has doubled, the pollution is more serious than latex paint, and the release of harmful substances will last longer. Just like a sick doctor, how can he treat others when he is sick and himself is a source of infection. "Diatom mud" is the same reason. It contains formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, and then it can eliminate harmful gases in the indoor air. This is simply impossible, and it is also a very funny statement

dark curtain 2: chemical pigments are added to the construction site

now many diatom mud display images on the wall are colorful, but what many consumers don't know is that some so-called large "diatom mud" enterprises are gray when their "diatom mud" leaves the factory. Workers temporarily reconcile pigments and diatom mud at the construction site. Here, we should tell consumers that all diatom mud added with chemical pigments at the construction site is fake diatom mud. These so-called "diatom mud" manufacturers add various colors of chemical pigments to diatom mud at the construction site in order to meet people's needs for various colors. In this way, the pollution becomes more serious. The pungent smell emitted at the construction site indicates that formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances seriously exceed the standard. The hands of some factory workers were seriously corroded and peeled by "diatom mud". After the construction, most of the walls are alkalescent and colored, and in order to reduce the difficulty of construction, most of them adopt the method of spraying

black curtain 3: fake and inferior diatom mud has no scientific and technological content, and the cost is only 5 yuan/㎡

many so-called "diatom mud" manufacturers have to add sand, chemical adhesive, white water mud and diatomite leftovers (whether or not) with the raw materials of ready-made putty powder because they do not understand the production technology and raw material formula of real diatom mud. The product thus blended can only be called paint for the time being, and it does not have the function and characteristics of diatom mud at all. It is not enough to say that these manufacturers do not understand the production of real diatom mud. It should be said that these manufacturers do not understand what real diatom mud is

the price of these randomly mixed coatings is very cheap, accounting for less than 5 yuan per square meter. The merchant will deliver these coatings to the dealer, which is about 10 yuan/㎡ - 15 yuan/㎡. Dealers can sell dozens of yuan, hundreds of yuan, or even thousands of yuan in the agency area, depending on the bargaining power of customers and pricing or discount promotions

mystery 4: change soup without changing medicine, and "name"

the diatom mud market is booming, which will inevitably lead to the influx of "Mr. Nanguo" of some building materials. The consciousness of these merchants has not even reached the most basic understanding of diatom mud, but is simply driven by the psychology of seeking profits. The so-called "diatom mud" they produce actually has nothing to do with diatom earth. Some even crown the name of diatom mud with liquid paint, liquid wallpaper, wall art paint, texture paint, porcelain like surface, gypsum surface, sandstone and other building materials overnight, hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat, confusing the public, It not only destroyed the reputation of diatom mud, disrupted the market of diatom mud, but also misled consumers

dark five: no matter the product quality, as long as it is packaged well

this practice has exploited the loophole that some consumers pay attention to the appearance of products. To some extent, the packaging of products is related to their internal quality, but this statement is not absolute. The packaging of a high-quality product will not be too inferior, but it is undeniable that some merchants who do not work hard on products have enough brains to make copper powder with different uses on the packaging. For no other reason, the financial resources and energy spent on packaging are far less than technology research and development and innovation. Some consumers who do not understand diatom mud are often deceived by their appearance. Here, consumers should be reminded that when choosing diatom mud products, brand qualification and product quality must be put in the first place. In addition to paying attention to various test reports and patent certificates issued by businesses, they should also personally inspect diatom mud products, and conduct corresponding experiments to verify by using the method of judging the true and false diatom mud

black curtain 6: prices are not unified, cheating consumers

some "diatom mud" businesses are very reckless about pricing, and often have different prices in different regions, even in the same place. They take the number of development agents as the standard to judge whether their marketing is successful or not, blindly expand the sales area, but not uniformly manage and restrict the relevant behaviors of their agents, but let them become more and more intense. This is why diatom mud of the same brand can be sold for 30-40 yuan per square meter in Northeast China, and can be changed to 500-600 yuan per square meter in southern cities. In this way, the "diatom mud" products of these businesses appear to be extremely chaotic, and there is no unified price. How can there be a unified quality standard? From the confusion of price, we can see that its product production, product management, enterprise marketing planning and many other confusion. Why does this happen? The fundamental reason is that these businesses have a speculative mentality, do not take diatom mud as a real business, and do not realize what real diatom mud is

dark curtain 7: one brand has collapsed, and then change to that brand, or multiple brands

many diatom mud businesses were very imperfect at the beginning of establishment. After doing it for a period of time, they exposed various defects in production, management and many other aspects of their own, but they did not pay attention to their own defects, but blindly expanded their agency and investment, and were not responsible for these unwitting agents at all. Due to serious losses in the middle and late stage, the brand had to be shut down. However, the prosperity of diatom mud market made them not give up. They soon set up various names, used new names, continued to repeat the mistakes they had made, recruited agents in a large scale, made false propaganda, and continued to ignore the interests of investors. Small businesses like this, which are also known as "aircraft carriers" or "China's first brand diatom mud", let their agents bear most of the risks, pay a heavy economic price, and let consumers who buy their products bear the damage caused by bad products to the family environment. Some manufacturers use multiple names for a product, and one city seeks multiple agents to carry out large-scale money circling activities. They are only greedy for interests and ignore consumers and agents

dark eight: the output value is "tens of billions", and the lie that cheating franchisees to join can make a fortune

according to relevant statistics, latex paint is still the mainstream of wall decoration materials, with a market share of more than 94%. In contrast, diatom mud accounts for 0.1% at most. When it comes to output value, the entire Chinese wall decoration material market is about 200billion yuan, corresponding to this proportion, it will not exceed 200million yuan/year. At present, the output value of diatom mud in the building materials market is far from being comparable to that of latex paint and wallpaper. It is simply impossible to say that the output value is tens of billions of yuan. As for the reason for this empty talk, it is only to meet the pursuit of interests of some "diatom mud" manufacturers and deceive franchisees to invest. When franchisees invest money, they often find many practical problems. Due to the poor quality of products and the inability of management and operation to meet the demand, the lie that these merchants can make a lot of money by cheating franchisees to join is broken

the ninth black curtain: blowing "cowhide and making momentum

this black curtain is inseparable from some" diatom mud "merchants who have no technical ability and blindly produce fake diatom mud. The product quality is not qualified, the brand has no connotation, and the corporate culture is impossible to talk about. Things without "truth, goodness and beauty" can only blindly advocate and build momentum, which must be "false emptiness". Unfortunately, now there are many enterprises that boast loudly in the diatom mud market, using many words that are different from those of others to falsely publicize, "first", "strongest", "listing", "standard" and other extreme words are endless. I can't help asking, what is the basis for these statements, and whether there are relevant qualifications to prove it? Speaking of this, these enterprises must be silent. Without specific products and enterprise strength, no amount of advocacy can only be like duckweed in the water, without a solid foundation, drift with the tide, and finally sigh. Here's a piece of advice. Instead of spending energy on these gimmicks, it's better to calm down and study products. Selling low-quality products hurts consumers' health. It's really annoying

the tenth black curtain: luopingbi "top ten famous brands of Luoping", engaging in false activities

recently, there was a message from the upper class that diatom mud, known as "top ten famous brands of luopingbi". It is understood that this post only appears in Baidu's diatom mud post bar, and there are not many words. It is not found in some big stations or searches. Secondly, there is no basis for the so-called ranking, I do not know whether it is the output ranking, brand value ranking or popularity ranking generated by consumer voting. Also, who published this ranking, and whether it is authoritative and credible

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