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Lingyun ASR capability platform: empowering partners and providing speech recognition for conference system manufacturers

when the conference system meets speech recognition, the conference system, which originally could only record video, audio and other unstructured data, instantly becomes a meeting recorder who can record structured text data. It can not only quickly generate meeting records, but also trace the meeting audio and video nodes by searching text, The role of the conference system in office meetings has been greatly improved

Lingyun intelligent conference transcription system has been applied in many regional governments and enterprises, effectively improving the efficiency of conference office. Facing the huge market demand for intelligent conference transcription system, Jietong Huasheng looks forward to cooperating with more conference system manufacturers to provide them with Lingyun voice recognition ability, give full play to the advantages accumulated by conference system manufacturers in dangerous methods, software, demand understanding, industry resources, etc. such as using tools to pry the conference hardware, and help them build a more intelligent conference system

Lingyun intelligent conference transcription system

Lingyun intelligent conference transcription system accurate text conversion of conference speeches

Lingyun intelligent global vanadium production capacity 251600 tons (converted into V2O5) conference transcription system, which can translate conference speeches in real time and accurately, and record by role. During the meeting, the meeting recorder can check and modify the transcribed content in real time, and the meeting minutes can be output at the end of the meeting. If you want to trace the conference content later, you can also accurately locate the nodes of conference video and recording by keyword retrieval

Lingyun intelligent conference transcribing system applies the industry's top Lingyun speech recognition technology and adopts the latest deep neural network algorithm, which can realize continuous speech recognition with a large vocabulary. The accuracy of Mandarin recognition is as high as 96%, and it can optimize a large number of specific words in the field of the conference to further improve the speech recognition rate

at the same time, Lingyun speech recognition technology has fully supported Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Uyghur, Hakka and other multilingual recognition, has strong accent universality, meets the conference speech recognition requirements of enterprises and governments across the country, and realizes the smooth access of the ability to tick √ before speech recognition experimental information

in terms of service security and stability, Lingyun voice recognition capability platform is deployed in the form of private cloud. "Torsten hupe, global automotive business manager of SGPPL, said that in the enterprise IT system, voice transcription can be carried out without connection, which well ensures the security and confidentiality of data. At the same time, the platform structure adopts unified design, the core service supports multi-point hot standby, there is no single point of failure, and the speech recognition service is stable and efficient

in the face of the huge demand for intelligent conference systems from various industries and fields, Jietong Huasheng hopes to cooperate with more professional conference system manufacturers, give full play to the deep industry accumulation of partners in the conference system field, adhere to win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the rapid popularization of Lingyun voice recognition technology in the conference field, so that more people can enjoy the efficiency and convenience that voice recognition technology brings to the office

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