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Splunk officially launched observation cloud to completely monitor hybrid and multicloud environments

splunk observation cloud brings together a variety of tools to monitor hybrid and multicloud environments, presents rich indicators on the unified interface, and applies artificial intelligence to help users quickly troubleshoot

splunk announced that the observation cloud was officially launched, using the observation cloud created by the open source monitoring project opentelemetry, For it and Devops teams to collect unified and consistent indicators, tracking and logs across the cloud. These data can be collected in real time without sampling at any scale

officials mentioned that the tools used by it and Devops teams to monitor and manage applications and infrastructure are in a broken state. Teams usually need to use two to three different platforms. With the trend of enterprise digitalization, they gradually shift to cloud infrastructure and container applications. Such a change has brought great operational complexity to it and Devops teams, and more monitoring tools are used, Instead, it increases the complexity

in order to solve this problem, Splunk launched observation cloud, integrated all observation tools in a unified interface, and provided users with a complete monitoring solution. The official comprehensive score was 91.8 (excellent). Fang mentioned that the monitoring tools of observation cloud collection, including infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, digital experience monitoring, integrated monitoring, logging, will therefore be investigated and event response for a long time in the future

splunk observation cloud infrastructure monitoring can make real-time and large-scale use of artificial intelligence to monitor infrastructure for any mixed or cloudy environment, while Splunk APM monitoring tool can use artificial intelligence to eliminate faults in real time. For Devops users and use cases, observation cloud has a log observation program, which can provide SRE, Devops engineers and developers with the logging function required for troubleshooting. Splunk integrated monitoring is an integrated monitoring tool that can be used to improve APIs, service endpoints, business transactions and user processes. This tool is supported by rigor company acquired by Splunk, and has been integrated into Splunk platform at present

officials also stressed that they try not to use patented technology, and fully invest in the development of open source monitoring project opentelemetry. Splunk is now one of the main contributors to the software and hardware project of opentelemetry's special electronic universal experimental machine. Opentelemetry is an open source observation framework that provides APIs, software development kits and tools from unrelated suppliers, and can collect remote measurement data of cloud native applications

the observation cloud is built with native opentelemetry. Some users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing. Plunk is standardizing it, so that users can use Splunk's lightweight open-source opentelemetry program to collect data in a way that has nothing to do with suppliers and reduces resource consumption

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