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China's speed, pay tribute to the "backbone of China" - Nippon instruments rushed to Wuhan

"the development of extruder industry has not been banned, and there is still a large market space. There is only love that cannot be separated"

I think nothing can stop the expectation of 1.4 billion

neither can viruses

on January 24, Wuhan Xiaotangshan model hospital "huoshenshan hospital" was built, hundreds of machines were excavated at the same time, and four construction teams worked day and night for seven days in a row, building a "huoshenshan hospital" that can accommodate 1000 beds. At the same time, within half a month, we stepped up the construction of Leishen Mountain hospital with a construction area of about 30000 square meters. Huanggang City, Hubei Province, used 48 hours to transform a Huanggang version of "Xiaotangshan Hospital" - Dabie Mountain medical center

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the world's attention to China's speed. Huoshenshan hospital was officially put into use in the fierce battle of thousands of people. The first batch of ECG machines of lippon were installed and put into use in huoshenshan hospital under overnight operation! At present, the ECG monitoring equipment to be installed and used in leishenshan hospital has also arrived in Wuhan

huoshenshan hospital installed on site

rushed to the rescue in the starry night, relaying life without sleep

heroes of this era carry and bear the burden to move forward

go to Wuhan University Hannan hospital for installation

director Chen Bin of Wuhan Office told us that when the war "epidemic" started, no one in the team retreated. There is no so-called front line and backup. Wuhan is experiencing hardships and everyone is working hard. On New Year's Eve and new year's day, female soldiers without exception installed monitors in the hospital alone

because they know that if they don't go to the battlefield, more people will be in dire straits. They can cross the farthest distance of Hubei in one day and send valuable equipment to the front line by hand

"Doctors and head nurses are too busy. Most of our machines are installed at the stairwell or in the office of the director and head nurse. What we can do is to try to set up all the machines and tell them the simplest operation method. Hang the operation flow card on the machine, and each machine engineer will record the operation video to them. And Jenny said that during the training, you will find that many of them are little nurses younger than us, who are very brave 。 "Li Haitao, who is on the front line, is deeply touched.

Hong'an County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine

Hubei integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital

on January 26, the epidemic has been exposed throughout the country. The city of Hubei Province was closed, and the only way to deliver equipment in Wuhan was for the hospital to drive an ambulance to Wuhan to pick up equipment, and the Wuhan Office team drove and delivered the equipment to the highway intersection, one after another...

personally delivered the equipment to the highway intersection for handover

Zhang Jianwei's new year On the 30th, he rushed back to Wuhan from his hometown. This was the second battle that he personally experienced, which ended in failure. From the armed police soldiers who were rescued in the 72 hour golden period of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake to the medical equipment pioneers who rushed to the front line without hesitation under the continuous spread of the COVID-19, although the military uniforms have faded, the loyalty of the people has never changed

in the early morning of January 30, after the team of the Wuhan Office of Nippon delivered the monitor equipment safely to the people's Hospital of Tuanfeng County, they had no extra time to alleviate the nonstop rush of the day, and began to plan how to deliver the next batch of equipment as soon as possible. Because like all front-line soldiers, we can't stop tomorrow, but I hope it will be a sunny day

Qianjiang maternal and child health hospital

Hong'an County psychiatric hospital

because of insufficient personnel, everyone has a much heavier task than usual. The inspection engineer followed the car from Wuhan to Hong'an County alone, went out of the city to get the pass, passed three checkpoints, checked the ID card and took the temperature for many times. There were many difficulties, and the same was true when returning to Wuhan. A person needed to complete contact, loading, distribution, installation and training

Sanliqiao street health center in Huangpi, Wuhan

they enter and exit the most dangerous infection department, respiratory department and other high-risk infection areas. They have to safely deliver the machine, protect themselves from infection, and isolate from their families. All these are unprecedented challenges

"director Chen's family and I are not around, so we work at ease." Li Haitao told us with a "relaxed" face. With the whole team fighting hard in the most dangerous places, they need to respond to the needs of the hospital as quickly as possible

Hannan Hospital of Wuhan University

who doesn't want to be accompanied by his wife and children and enjoy the happiness of his family when they should be reunited. This is the first spring festival without Spring Festival Gala and family company in so many years

when interviewed, they were eating their first decent meal in more than 10 days

"I'm afraid of eating instant noodles every day for my first meal of rice in recent days. I have little time today, and I especially want to eat rice..."

in the Spring Festival, we are used to a meal, and they just have time to eat...

"is there no instant noodles in the office?"

"there are two barrels left"

"there are two bags of pickled pepper chicken feet"


"what is your biggest wish?" "The most important thing is to be healthy and alive, and the epidemic can be eliminated as soon as possible." Their eyes were red with longing for words

this is the aspiration of all Chinese people. If you don't personally experience this disaster, it's hard to feel the hoarseness in it. Wuhan is only the epitome of China. At present, all 28 offices of Nippon have been fully prepared for the war, and responded to the needs of regional treatment point hospitals at the first time. Thousands of equipment have been delivered in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Henan, Harbin and other places except Wuhan, advancing and retreating with the fight against the epidemic

emergency department of Qingbaijiang District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chengdu

Huludao infectious disease hospital

these equipment and materials sent to the front line mean how much firm and spare no effort behind them

all staff fight against the "epidemic" and overcome difficulties

countless people asked for help from thousands of miles to start the epidemic prevention and interdiction war at the first time

in order to ensure "zero infection" and avoid the spread of the epidemic as much as possible, the lipang science and Technology Park implements strict control of the flow of people. We only use half of our usual staff to help the frontline of the anti epidemic to solve the problem of shortage of medical equipment and materials as much as possible. While strictly implementing the "prevention and control" regulations, front-line employees such as lippon production and supply chain have returned to work urgently on the second day of the lunar new year, and the whole line has been put into production

come on! It is the only way we can buy more time for front-line medical staff at present. With more strength, you may be able to snatch back one more life from death

China's speed is the strength of the whole people. We will not stop fighting until the epidemic is effectively alleviated

I hope there is no time to cure the disease and death, nor the cold heart of complaining about the doctor. I even hope that someone will refute the rumor at this time that everything about the novel coronavirus is false. Pay tribute to all the "backbone of China"

lippon can quickly provide epidemic related medical equipment:

vital signs monitors, monitors, oximeters, electrocardiographs, blood gas biochemical analyzers, magnetic sensitive immune analyzers (joint detection of inflammation), whole blood specific protein detection equipment, ultrasonic imaging equipment...

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