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Forging technology: Die Forging of screw press

screw press has the dual working characteristics of die forging hammer and forging press:

1 The screw press has a certain impact in the working process

2. The screw press transmits energy through the screw pair. When the metal produces plastic deformation, the force between the slider and the workbench is borne by the closed frame of the press to form a closed force system, which is not transmitted outward

3. The stroke of the slide block of the screw press is not fixed. The guiding performance of the press itself is better than that of the forging hammer, and it is equipped with a lower ejection mechanism

4. The screw of the screw press and the reciprocating slider are connected non rigidly, so the ability of the screw press to withstand partial cutting is very poor

5. The number of strokes per minute of the screw press is less, and the final speed of the slider stroke is 3 ~ 4m/s

due to the working characteristics of the screw press, its die forging process and die design have the following characteristics:

1 Die forging on screw press is usually used for the final forging of single die chamber, and other equipment is used for blank making. In the case of small eccentric cutting load, two dies can also be arranged, but there are still problems of excess at the low end and lack at the high end. However, the center distance of the die bore should not exceed the radius that can protect and spot check the pitch circle of the lead screw

2. Because the stroke of the screw press is not fixed and there is an ejector, it is more suitable for closed die forging, precision die forging and upsetting of long rod forgings. When used in extrusion and trimming processes, it is necessary to adopt a travel limiting device on the die (or equipment) on February 8th, 2017

3. Due to the ejector device, the die forging slope can be reduced to about 1

4. Due to the slow travel speed, the long residence time of metal in the die bore and the fast cooling, the ability to fill the die bore is worse than that of die forging on the hammer. Generally, there are no more than three blows during die forging

5. Due to the low strike speed, the mold can adopt a combined structure, so that the barrel mold manufacturing rdquo; Ran, associate professor of the Department of mechanical and industrial engineering of the university? Dall Erb explained that the process can shorten the production cycle, save die steel and reduce production costs

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