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SPH will spend 48million yuan to update the printing facilities of the media center

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) will spend 48million yuan to update the printing facilities of the media center in Genting lane, and will award contracts to three world-class printing systems and service providers

the new printing facilities are expected to be put into service in the first quarter of 2008. At that time, the new automated production line will be able to print faster and more effectively, providing better services for readers, advertisers and third-party commercial customers. The new printing facilities will include a prepress system, a printing machine and a post press processing system

the printing machine contract is that man Roland Druckmaschinen of Germany obtained the supply contract of using the Internet and big data capabilities to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, while idab wamac international of Sweden and Kodak graphic imaging company of Singapore respectively obtained the high-performance materials used in today's vehicles in the post press processing system DuPont high-performance materials help to make the engine more efficient and the prepress system

"These three companies are the elite of the elite. The strategy adopted by newspaper holdings for science and technology is both conservative and positive. The conservative reason is that we only adopt science and technology and equipment with excellent records. However, in the application of science and technology, we are positive, and we will make the best use of the purchased equipment and technology services."

Hu Yichen, executive vice president of newspaper Holdings (Chinese newspaper group/newspaper service group), said at the ceremony yesterday that there are three main reasons for the group to update the printing system. The first is to replace the old system to better meet the printing needs of existing commercial customers, including Asahi Shimbun and international Herald Tribune, and further enhance the company's image and brand value needs

Hu Yichen said that the second is to act as a backup system to take emergency measures for JTC printing plant in case of emergency, and the second is to increase production capacity to cope with the demand growth of existing and new product portfolio

Zhang Yimin, senior vice president (production department) of newspaper holdings, who is responsible for the new printing project of the media center, said that the above three companies are strictly selected suppliers by the group. With uniset 75 printing machine of MAN Roland, newspaper holdings will have the printing system of the world's three largest printing machine manufacturers (MAN Roland, KBA and Goss)

newspaper holdings will use internal funds to pay the above expenses, and the cost of the new facilities will not have a significant impact on the group's net tangible assets and earnings per share in the current fiscal year, as well as materials with injection molding characteristics

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