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Centralized communication: call center knowledge base, have you ignored it

for the customer service personnel in the call center, if the customer service personnel want to provide customers with efficient and high-quality services, in addition to good service attitude, communication skills and other soft skills, they must also be familiar with the internal products and business processes of the enterprise, and be able to deal with various difficulties of customers in product use, business processes and other aspects. At this time, the accuracy of the internal resistance strain gage of the sensor is not high, and the glue used to fix the strain gage, The importance of call center knowledge base is self-evident

before there was no knowledge base

01 personnel

with the increase in the number of employees, personnel transfer and resignation, the high turnover rate has become a major resistance to employee training. How to shorten the training time and ensure the quality? It is a headache for managers

02 management and support

the enterprise language specification cannot be mastered in time, the consulting service experience between customer service is difficult to share, and expert knowledge has not been well explored and utilized

03 business

with the development of business, enterprises have a wide variety of products, which are updated and changed rapidly, resulting in more and more detailed business knowledge. In addition, user consultation is strange, and the business processing process is complex, resulting in many obstacles in the service process and low customer service quality

after having the centralized communication knowledge base

a large number of documents and historical knowledge only need to be imported at one time. The user-defined permission management knowledge base plate and intelligent classification support the knowledge structure of different positions and roles. Managers can establish the relationship between knowledge and positions and know what kind of knowledge is needed for what positions through the function of the centralized communication call center knowledge base, material damage and failure principles and influencing factors, What knowledge do you need to know

it supports full database search of keywords. The management can add, delete, modify and other operations according to the invalid knowledge items. The knowledge items will automatically take effect and expire according to a series of actions of the manager. And managers have the right to pay attention to and review knowledge items, which is conducive to the standardization and accuracy of enterprise knowledge

in customer service, support the knowledge base to access its advantages and disadvantages in real time, realize the integration and integration with workflow and agent system, help agents cope with problem solving more easily, provide efficient customer service, and create a good reputation for enterprise service

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