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Endorsements crisis: paint companies are accountable to stars and the media

since the media exposed that the Bawang shampoo endorsed by the film and television star Jackie Chan contained the chemical composition of the carcinogen dioxane, some media investigated the birthplace of Bawang's "traditional Chinese medicine family", and found out that the family background originated from the pesticide business... It immediately triggered a boom in the society! Judging from most of the comments, it seems to be very unfavorable to overlord, but many of the comments are less objective and carried out in a state of mind of watching the excitement. Today, if consumers who need wall decoration choose some brands, they may consider the spokesmen of the brand comprehensively. After all, spokesmen in the field of architectural coatings have never been short of stars: from Li Bingbing, Zhang Tielin, Pu Cunxin, Jiang Wenli, Wu Jing in the mainland to Lu Liangwei, Li Xiuxian, Wen Bixia in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are blooming and bustling. Fortunately for the coating industry, at least since the employment of spokesmen, there has been no time for consumers to appeal spokesmen to court because of serious quality problems. However, in the past three years, is the big star brand emerging the killer mace of the branding of paint enterprises? Is celebrity endorsement really safe? If the enterprise hopes to improve the brand value of the coating by the reputation of the spokesperson, this idea is dangerous, and it is also worth considering by our coating enterprises. The crisis of trust caused by celebrity endorsements has a long history. In addition to Jackie Chan, for example, CCTV's "economic half-hour" program revealed that Zeng Guang, Wang Gang, Fan Wei and Zhang Tielin were endorsements for two stations suspected of joining the investment fraud, causing an uproar across the country. Don't forget, one of them is also the spokesperson of a paint brand

many coating enterprises say that spokesmen are for consumers and advertisements are for dealers. In other words, consumers' perceptions of paint products are largely based on the popularity and image of stars, that is, spokesmen, to establish contacts, so as to form purchase intentions. And advertising is to build confidence for dealers. It's very simple. Those who hire stars are brands. Those who don't hire stars are hardly brands. Dealers' confidence in this enterprise brand will be boosted, and it will also have a certain effect on the enterprise's investment attraction. Although the effective time will not be too long, it will also decrease with time. Regardless of the size and scale of the paint enterprise, it is not necessary to study whether the paint brand produced meets the basic technical standards, or the standards of health and environmental protection. Compared with the complex technical formulas or the improvement of production requirements, it is always the most convenient way to invite a star to launch a brand. After all, we live in an era full of "fast food culture" with worse influence than instant noodles and foreign fast food. Enterprises always put profits in the first place. Moreover, at present, the whole coating enterprise has gone through the golden age and has entered the situation of "meager profits". Therefore, more coating enterprises emphasize the ability of profitability, and the source of profit is nothing more than sales. How to promote sales in the fastest and most convenient way? Please invite a star to speak! Here, wisdom also wants to say a few words of his own thoughts: stars are not a quick cure for brands, and brands ultimately depend on quality. At least I haven't seen that in the architectural coating market, in addition to the launch of image advertisements, we have not seen a star spokesperson launched by a number of giants such as Nippon and Dulux

many stars endorse. If there is a problem with the endorsed products, they will put on a pair of experimental equipment that should be able to meet the unfortunate appearance of innocent wire wrapped around the mandrel. For example, some say, "I didn't know at that time" "if I knew this was the case, I wouldn't take photos" and so on. These are all excuses. If you don't know the quality of products, how do stars shoot advertisements? Or can money really make people sell their conscience? Here, wisdom still needs to repeat those old words: paint is also a kind of consumer goods of household building materials. There is a home, there is a wall, and there is a wall, there is a need for paint. The color, performance, texture and protection of the wall of paint can reflect the personality characteristics of a family. Paint is a part of home, so it is normal to choose stars to endorse paint brands. However, before endorsing, you should be cautious and know more about the characteristics of some products. You can't just wait for problems and find various reasons to excuse yourself, because for many viewers and consumers, it is through the image of stars to buy the coating products endorsed. If the coating quality has problems and damages the health and interests of the people, it is really "helping to rectify abuse". Celebrity endorsements should assume the responsibility of the society. They can't buy their conscience just for money. That's immoral. For all the process parameters of the extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, speed of main screw and feeding screw, and feeding volume, will they only be reviled by the world? Wisdom remembers that at the beginning, "stars' endorsement of false food advertisements should be joint and several", which once caused heated discussion at the two sessions. One important content is that if stars fulfill all legal obligations in accordance with the requirements of the advertising law, such as "verification", but the products still have problems, they should be "joint and several" according to the provisions of the food safety law. In the face of consumers, is the image spokesperson jointly and severally liable to replace oil with new materials? Zeng Cong came up with a bold idea that Ren and the food operator are equal, which means taking all your property as compensation. This is very heavy. If this standard is extended from the food industry to the coating and other industrial consumer goods industries, if stars endorse false and inferior coating advertisements, they may lose their money. That is to say, even if the stars fulfill the obligations of "verification" before endorsement according to the provisions and requirements of the current "advertising law", they should bear joint and several liabilities for the endorsement of false paint advertisements, regardless of whether they know that the endorsement advertisement is a false paint advertisement

in addition to the main part of the enterprise and the association of stars, some people also questioned that since false advertisements do great harm, did the TV station broadcast this advertisement? Should the media also bear the burden of advertising

as we all know, false advertising can harm people. Of course, paint manufacturers and operators are the culprits that cannot be shirked. At the same time, the stars who speak for it magnify this harm infinitely through their own influence. It is understandable for stars to bear joint and several and even lose their homes and properties because of their behavior of adding fuel to the flames. However, no matter which paint brand's false advertising, and no matter who endorses the paint brand, it will always affect the public's consumption behavior after being released through the corresponding media. If there is no media bombardment of advertisements, I believe that false advertising will not be rampant. In this regard, paint manufacturers, spokesmen and publishing media are three grasshoppers on the same rope in the interest chain of false advertising. If they want to be investigated, they should not be less than one. Since endorsements should bear joint and several liability for false food advertisements, the media, as an indispensable part of advertising, should also bear joint and several liability as endorsers, whether they know that food advertisements are false or not, which is a fair and rigorous legal provision

wisdom is also a person in the paint media industry. When investigating the media for spreading false advertisements, we also need to talk about more social media. For example, the monthly "monthly 315" column of HC paint aims to expose the phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy in the paint industry and infringement of consumer rights every month, so as to maintain a healthy and normal market environment. It can be said that the media is not the first time, and certainly not the last time, to be a pioneer in combating counterfeiting. Under the shining stars of the media, the stars of our relevant departments are dim. Is this false advertisement born out of thin air? Advertisements go through a long approval process from creativity to broadcasting. During this period, in addition to the originators who deliberately deceive people, if there is a department willing to perform its duties, the title of anti-counterfeiting hero will not turn to the media. In addition, the current advertising review, in addition to drugs, medical device dispensing industrial structure, pesticides, veterinary drugs and other special commodities must be reviewed by the relevant departments, other advertisements are still reviewed by advertising operators and publishers. Then, is the "Inaction" of the relevant departments conniving or dereliction of duty? If the lack of supervision is making things worse, then the weakness of punishment is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. Is it our luck or misfortune to expect the media exposure to deter the frequent occurrence of false advertisements? Don't let us slip further and further on the wrong road, because only strong legal norms and administrative law enforcement are the effective ways to eliminate false advertisements

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