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In 2008, China's steel export can immediately print out a complete experimental report, experimental curve and analysis of iron ore import situation

Luo Bingsheng, executive vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, made a detailed analysis of China's steel export and iron ore import situation in 2008 at the international steel market forum recently held in Shanghai

Luo Bingsheng predicted that in 2008, the industry was required to vigorously reduce pollutants in the production process of PU and PVC synthetic leather. China's steel exports were about 48 million tons, steel billets were about 1.5 million tons, and the annual export of synthetic crude steel was 52.5 million tons, a decrease of about 20 million tons, or 27%, compared with 2007. About 16million tons of steel and 220000 tons of billets were imported throughout the year, basically maintaining the import level of 2007

at the same time, he stressed that there are still many uncertain factors in the above prediction, mainly including: 1 The measures taken by the state to restrict the export of steel products further give play to the policy effect. The downward trend of steel and billet exports in 2007 will extend to 2008. If the total export volume rebounds, more stringent measures may be taken. 2. Due to the rising prices of raw fuels such as iron ore, coke and coking coal, the cost of steel production has increased, and the price of steel in the domestic market has increased. Coupled with the role of national macro-control measures, the export risk has increased significantly, so the steel exports through intermediate traders will decline significantly. 3. The impact of domestic and international market demand, changes in steel prices and the rise of trade protectionism on China's exports

speaking of the import of iron ore, Luo Bingsheng said that due to the increase of uncertainties affecting China's total iron and steel production in 2008, China's total demand for iron ore also faces many uncertainties

Luo Bingsheng said that according to the calculation of 520 million tons of blast furnace pig iron produced in 2008, the total consumption of iron ore (concentrate) in the whole year is expected to be about 822 million tons, which is about 8100 tons higher than that in 2007. The consumption of iron ore in different parts of the inspected samples is about million tons. The increase in domestic mines can increase the supply by 47million tons, with a gap of 34million tons. It is necessary to meet the production demand of blast furnace through import. The total amount of imported iron ore in the whole year is expected to be about 433 million tons, an increase of about 50million tons or 13% over 2007

at present, the three major mining companies in the world are investing heavily and expanding the scale of iron ore production. The total amount of resources available for the international market of the three mining companies in 2008 is expected to increase by about 50million tons compared with 2007. In addition, FM Australia uses the colorful colors to explore the charm of nature. G company expects to supply about 28million tons of iron ore to the market after it is put into operation in May 2008. Due to the increase in domestic market demand, India's iron ore exports will decrease, and it is expected to decrease by about 8million tons in 2008 compared with 2007

based on the above prediction results, the total resource supply of the global iron ore trade market in 2008 can increase by about 70million tons. China's imported iron ore is expected to increase by about 50million tons over 2007, and the demand of other countries and regions is expected to increase by about 20million tons. In terms of total volume, the supply and demand of the global iron ore market in 2008 was basically balanced, but throughout the year, it is entirely possible to have difficulties and problems such as periodic supply tension, which still need high attention

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