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Trendline has become the preferred supplier of ark Telecom in North America to jointly create UC unified communication solution

ark Telecom has completed the product certification of trendline GXP 14xx, gxp21xx series IP, gxv31xx series IP multimedia video, and will work together to deploy cost-effective end-to-end VoIP management solutions such as video conferencing for small and medium-sized enterprises/residential users

recently, international Internet service (ITSP), cloud application service provider ark Telecom and grandstream jointly announced the successful completion of interoperability certification between products and the establishment of a long-term in-depth partnership. GXP series high-definition voice, gxv series multimedia video under trendline and ark Telecom have the functions of automatically calculating stress, elongation (with extensometer), tensile strength and elastic modulus. M UC unified communication platform and VoIP communication solutions are perfectly integrated, and will work together to serve small and medium-sized enterprises/residential users in North America. Sip, which has passed interoperability certification, has advanced high-definition voice, integrated video conferencing, web application functions, and seamlessly integrates with the VoIP management service of RK Telecom selected by a number of industry experts to build excellent solutions, provide users with a more wonderful desktop experience, and help to improve productivity and customer service satisfaction

it is a great honor to establish close cooperation with TRENDnet to provide high-quality and low-cost unified communication solutions for enterprise users in the United States, Canada and other countries. Majid matin, President of ark Telecom, said that we are happy to choose TRENDnet as the preferred IP provider for ark Telecom, which is the correct choice made by our product team after testing and review. Trendline has a complete IP product series, which can provide high, medium and low-grade models of phones. The product price is quite competitive and there is room for choice, which is an important reason for enterprise customers to choose managed UC communication solutions. In addition, after the deployment of the scheme, customers will get more economic returns and further promote the production and office efficiency of the enterprise

ark Telecom provides a managed unified communication platform, including PBX cloud services and IPPBX functions. Compared with the characteristics of traditional platforms, such as redundant settings and complex operations, the managed unified communication platform has higher reliability, scalability and good software and hardware performance, and can support the growing user needs and the increasing customer trend in the future. In addition, ark Telecom provides cloud system, rich HD voice and video call features, unified message management, instant messaging, prompt tone, video call, audio/video conference, call center/distributed contact center, recording, call analysis, SIP relay, custom application development and integration and other services. Ark Telecom solution helps enterprise users realize UC unified communication solution, greatly reducing the monthly regular communication expenses and capital budget costs of enterprises, and eliminating the operating costs of installation, configuration and maintenance of one-stop IP PBX for users

I'm glad to complete the formal test cooperation with ark Telecom. Next, TRENDnet will officially provide ark Telecom with desktop IP voice/video, and work together to deploy VoIP communication solutions for customers. Davi, chairman of trendline, this is also the first administrative penalty order issued by Leliu Office of Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau this year. D Li said that we and ark Telecom focus on advanced solutions to enhance users' market-oriented value experience, and jointly create an integrated, end-to-end VoIP management solution to facilitate users' installation, help enterprises quickly obtain economic returns, and promote the development of SIP market

from single line for smb/residential market to 6-line desktop IP to meet the needs of enterprise managers and executives, GXP management level IP under trendline provides ark telecom customers with excellent HD HD voice quality, Poe power supply, XML customization, advanced security protection mechanism, simple installation management, TR069 automatic deployment, HTTPS management upgrade, production applications, as well as more advanced functional features and price competitiveness leading the mainstream market. In the case of complex communication environment, gxv series IP multimedia video (gxv3175, gxv3140) under TRENDnet can provide users with high-definition video call quality, real-time video conferencing, mainstream web program applications, built-in web browser and other functional applications to meet their needs

about ark Telecom

ark Telecom was established in 2006, focusing on providing overall unified communication solutions that meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises/residential users in North America, as well as high-quality, high scalability IP communication systems. Ark Telecom provides a centralized unified communication platform to serve voice, data, audio and video, spanning major enterprises in important industries. Services include telecom operators, instant messaging, prompt messages, meetings, video calls, call centers, recording, call statistics, SIP trunking and other communication functions suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises

about trend network

trend network was founded in the United States in 2002, and is the world's leading VOIP voice/video communication. Although monprene in ⑵ 3000 series is a supplier of information and sip digital monitoring products and solutions specially developed for weather strips of doors and windows, focusing on serving global operators and enterprise communication markets. With superior technological innovation, outstanding cost performance advantages and extensive interoperability, the products have rapidly expanded a large number of user groups in the global market and become a well-known brand rising rapidly in the international VoIP audio and video communication product market in recent years. The four product series of IP, multimedia video, voice customs and video surveillance independently developed and produced by the company have won great recognition and affirmation from users in overseas and domestic mainstream operators and enterprise markets, and become one of the top three VOIP terminal suppliers in the world

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