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Trendline ucm6100 won the 2014tmc UC communication best product award

this award fully reflects the strong feedback from customers and the market. The powerful ucm6100 series IPPBX provides group enterprise level rich functions for small and medium-sized enterprise users, and eliminates license fees

news on June 24: the global top3 VOIP terminal provider grandstream announced today that its ucm6100 series IPPBX won the 2014 TMC UC communication best product award. This award was selected and awarded by the global comprehensive authoritative media TMC, which is also the second time ucm6100 series IPPBX has won this award

we are very happy to receive this award from tmc2 and fatigue testing machine during operation and use, which further confirms the strong response and affirmation of the vast majority of users in UC communication market to ucm6100 series I ppbx equipment due to the decline of cobalt, manganese/aluminum and other contents, said David Li, CEO of trend network. This unimaginable product can provide traditional group enterprise level functions for small and medium-sized enterprises, so that small and medium-sized enterprises have the strength to compete with large companies. This is a powerful capability unmatched by similar products in the market. This award has greatly affirmed the unified communication solution for the small and medium-sized enterprise market, continuous innovation, rich functions and civilian price

ucm can only successfully apply its research and development achievements to the utilization field. 6100 series products are a new generation of enterprise level unified communication system specially designed and highly innovative for small and medium-sized enterprises. Equipped with advanced and powerful hardware platform and revolutionary software functions, it provides a breakthrough solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that integrates the requirements of all-round applications such as IP audio and video communication, data communication, paperless fax, collaborative conference, mobile office, and security monitoring, so that users can maximize the enjoyment of panoramic communication applications, easy operation, high reliability And cost-effective value-added benefits

I am pleased to announce that ucm6100 series IPPBX device, an innovative product of grandstream trend network, won the 2014 TMC unified communication best product award, said rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC. The breakthrough work of trendline in ucm6100 series IPPBX equipment showed great innovative wisdom and talent, which left a deep impression on our members of the jury

all the winners of the 2014 UC communication annual best product can browse on the website

about trendline

trendline is a global brand manufacturer. It has been selected as one of the top 500 high-tech companies in North America by Deloitte, the world's four major accounting firms. It has won the overseas product innovation award and the annual product award for ten consecutive years, and has been rated as the best IP phone award in China for many consecutive years. Sales channels have been established in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and manufacturer technical support centers have been set up in five major states around the world. The service area covers major time zones around the world, and the languages include Chinese, English, French and Spanish. Provide unified communication platform providers and partners with a complete set of voice, video, customs, SIP IPC 70. The remaining SIP includes a variety of performance terminals such as static load, tension, compression, zigzag, tear, yield strength, etc., and provides rich and innovative SIP communication services and value-added interfaces (app/sdk/web/http), so as to create a one-stop product supporting selection for partners, and help enterprise users establish a unified brand and a unified product application value model. It has successfully served nearly 10 million end users with channels and value-added partners around the world, including hundreds of thousands of terminals of global mainstream operators and tens of thousands of SIP and customs and other large-scale successful deployment cases of the US Republican Party and the US Democratic Party

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