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Gxv3175 4cif high-definition video and multi-party conference capability experience

gxv3175 is a high-definition video launched by TRENDnet in 2007. Its fashionable 7-inch touch screen, high-definition video call and three-party video conference are a major innovation in the VOIP terminal industry, providing high-quality three-party video conference services for many small and medium-sized enterprises

in Q4 2012, trendline made a significant improvement in the hardware performance and software functions of gxv3175. The hardware version was upgraded to V2, with 1GHz arm cortex A8 processor and 200% speed-up and performance response improvement. It was upgraded to a 2million pixel HD camera, supporting 4cif HD video calls; HDMI HD output interface is supported, which greatly improves the user experience and practicality. What outstanding capabilities does the upgraded gxv3175 V2 have? Please join us. But one of the biggest problems of this kind of composite material is that the reinforcement fiber and the base metal are easy to react, and the 3.175mm steel ball produces brittle phase. Uncover the secret

it supports 4cif HD video, and the resolution is four times higher than CIF.

what is the difference between 4cif and CIF video calls

first, the resolution is essentially different. The resolution of CIF is 352x288, a total of 100000 pixels. The 4cif resolution is 704X576, and the maximum pixel is 400000. On the same seven inch screen, the definition of 4cif video image has been significantly improved, which is more in line with the HD requirements of enterprise desktop video calls and three-party video conferences

gxv3175 V2 supports 4cif HD video calls. The following two pictures are the video images captured during calls with 4cif and CIF resolutions respectively. From the author's observation, there are obvious differences in definition, but there is no difference in the fluency of video calls

a variety of tripartite video conference application experience

after understanding the principle and comparison of 4cif HD video, let's actually experience the tripartite HD video conference of gxv3175. The three-party video conference of gxv3175 is applicable to mobile, local, remote, small and medium-sized conference rooms and other scenarios. The author has experienced the four scenarios most concerned and commonly used by enterprise users one by one, and found that the video conference operation of gxv3175 is very simple, and it has high adaptability to network bandwidth and video environment. The most important thing is that the three-party video conference of gxv3175 is implemented directly on the phone, without the help of any third-party conference platform, and will not generate any additional costs

application scenario 1:

tripartite conference with mobile devices. In fact, gxv3175 realized the tripartite video conference function as early as five years ago. This V2 version has greatly improved the original functions, one of which is the compatibility with mobile devices. In order to verify this function, the author prepared the following equipment:

gxv3175 V2, and registered the SIP account in advance

ipad 2, pre installed SIP Video Software Bria

iPhone 4S, pre installed SIP Video Software Bria

the process of establishing a tripartite conference is also very simple. First, use gxv3175 to establish a video call with iPhone and iPad respectively, and then press the conference button on the gxv3175 video interface to establish a tripartite video conference. The following figure is a screenshot of iPad. Let's analyze the effect of video conference

in order to simulate the user's use scenario to the greatest extent, the three devices that joined the conference chose different light conditions. GG on the left uses iPhone and is in a normal office environment; Mm on the upper right, that is, iPad users are in the natural light environment of the office building corridor; The mm below uses gxv3175, which is in the dark environment of the conference room. Through comparison, we can see that gxv3175 can also clearly display video images in dark light conditions. During the whole video call process, the video image is true and smooth, without jamming, delay and other phenomena. In terms of voice, since gxv3175 adopts high fidelity voice coding, high-definition handle and hands-free, whether the other two mobile devices use hands-free or headphones, the sound quality can be clear and mellow, which sounds very comfortable

application scenario 2:

it is necessary to correct the position of the origin on the deformation axis) and the slope of the connecting line at the corresponding point of the specified strain

remote tripartite conference is very simple for the establishment process of remote tripartite conference. Users do not need to consider complex technologies such as network penetration, because gxv3175 can realize remote access and access even under complex network conditions when it is used with the server under the condition of its own penetration function

the initiator of the tripartite meeting shown in the figure is located in Shenzhen, and the other two parties participating in the meeting are located in Hangzhou. When experiencing the remote tripartite conference, the author not only cares about the fast and simple operation process, but also notes that the smoothness of the video screen is very good, and the voice quality is almost the same as that of the local tripartite conference. These are attributed to the core technology of h.263+ and H.264 HD video codec, which can not only realize the compression transmission of code stream, but also automatically adapt to the bandwidth, and is no longer limited by narrow bandwidth. Its required 32kb-2m bandwidth is also easy to meet under the existing market conditions

application scenario 3:

video conference room based on HDMI interface through the previous experience, the author feels that tripartite video conference is a creative function. How can a telephone function be truly transformed into the practical application of users? You know, in general, many people may participate in the tripartite meeting of enterprises. In this case, it is obviously not suitable to watch video through the phone screen. Can the video image of the phone be transmitted to the TV to realize the real conference room effect? The answer is yes. The unique HDMI interface of gxv3175 can achieve this goal

hdmi interface is a digital video/audio interface technology, which is a special digital interface suitable for image transmission. It can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. The maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps, which can realize high-speed data transmission between phone and TV, and video picture synchronization with phone. In this way, enterprises only need a wall mounted TV and a gxv3175 to set up a standard video conference room

the above figure shows the effect of gxv3175's three-party video conference picture synchronized to a 43 inch LCD TV. It can be seen from the figure that the video picture of the phone is displayed on the TV screen in real time and realistically. Because the TV screen is larger, you can clearly watch the video picture even at a distance of more than five meters. The 2-megapixel camera of gxv3175 can rotate 135 degrees, which can shoot a large range of conference rooms, and can fully meet the needs of many people to attend meetings. From the phone screen to the TV screen, the technology has taken a small step, and the user experience has been improved by leaps and bounds, which is also a big surprise brought to us by gxv3175 v2

application scenario 4:

video conference can be added to the monitoring device. In the whole experience process, the function of video conference can be added to the monitoring device attracted the author's greatest curiosity. Video surveillance equipment and IP seem to be completely unrelated to the two fields. How can they be interconnected? The answer given by the trend network is SIP protocol. The video monitoring equipment independently developed by TRENDnet integrates the SIP communication module, realizes the two-way transmission of video and voice through SIP calls, completely solves the problem of network penetration, and breaks through the biggest barrier between the two fields. Is this true or false? Please come and have a look

the above picture shows the video conference between gxv3175 and video monitoring equipment, and the picture is the front desk of trendline company. This video monitoring device is pre configured with a sip number, so you only need to dial this number to see the video screen. The operation is very simple, which the author did not expect. Just in the process of our experience, a courier GG came to the front desk to deliver goods. We could not only see the picture clearly, but also hear the voice transmitted by the voice acquisition equipment. The whole process was clear and smooth. We in the conference room watched the whole delivery process in real time, as if we were on the spot

this function is used in factories, supermarkets and other occasions that need real-time monitoring. Managers only need to dial a video or hold a video conference to grasp the production situation of the factory and the operation status of the supermarket in real time, which greatly saves management time, improves the work efficiency of managers, and is also conducive to spot check and supervision of employees to ensure production quality

summary after the author's technical experience and analysis, the mysterious veil between functional parameters and practical application has been lifted, which makes me feel a sense of enlightenment. When boring parameters become vivid cases, we really feel the shock brought by technological innovation. Five years ago, gxv3140 and subsequent gxv3175, the first gxv3140 with the function of video conference for some manufacturers in the current market, were launched. While making video solutions for enterprises, the trend summarized experience and market demand. After long-term accumulation and research, an upgraded version of gxv3175 V2 was finally launched this year, which is closer to users' habits and provides more application methods of three-party video conference, It is an ideal choice for video conferencing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

just a tripartite video conference is enough to open my eyes. And gxv3175 V2 has more highlights waiting for us to uncover. Please continue to pay attention to our uncover series, and follow the author to understand gxv3175 V2 in all aspects

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