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The trend of domestic and foreign rubber markets is twofold. The short-term adjustment of Tianhu rubber is difficult to stop the medium-term rise

1 Comparison of futures price and trend

closing price

compared with last week

compared with last week%

ru0805 (yuan/ton)




tocom806 (yen/kg)




comparison chart of Shanghai Rubber index and Japan rubber index. (source: Northern futures)

2 Spot price

trend chart of agricultural reclamation bidding. (source: Northern futures)

uss3 transaction price trend chart. (source: Northern futures)

3 Inventory and exchange rate

Tianjiao inventory trend chart of Shanghai Stock Exchange. (source: Northern futures)

Japan inventory trend chart. (source: Northern futures)

trend chart of the central parity rate of 100 yen against RMB. (source: Northern futures)


the trend of domestic and foreign rubber markets this week is icy and fiery. Affected by the fluctuation of the yen exchange rate and the pressure of speculative short positions, the Japanese glue fell back moderately, once falling below 300 yen. Even so, the fund did not do much this week, and there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, allowing the rubber price to find technical support, which also foreshadowed the impact of the phased high of 312 yuan in the future. Shanghai Jiaotong fell after hitting a new high, and there is a need for technical adjustment in the short term, but the medium-term rise is difficult to change

in surrounding markets, the company has developed a "unique and innovative" technology, which still presents a strong bull market atmosphere, bringing a lot of benefits to the rubber market. As the low production season in international production areas is coming, and the domestic experimental steps are as follows: the pre holiday stock factor, the rubber price has been strongly supported. However, the high domestic spot price has led to a large number of spot goods pouring into the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which has become a factor to curb the rise of rubber prices; At the same time, the listing of gold futures diverted some funds, so the rubber market does not have a sharp rise in the short term. In the absence of extreme gains, most of the ingredients continue to move upward in the aftermarket. If domestic inventories are not well digested, this trend is expected to delay. How can material enterprises cope? Continue to the Spring Festival, even after the festival

Japanese glue 295 yen will be a strong support in the short term, and it is bound to hit 312 yen again after it stands firm; The Shanghai Jiao average system continues to diverge upward, and the weekly K-line chart has a good rise. Considering that there is no unilateral upward trend in the current market environment, the operation strategy of closing positions according to the volatile market and single sharp rise, and buying after falling may be more suitable for ordinary investors than holding all the time

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