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Going to South Africa, Sany Heavy industry continues to develop the African market

going to South Africa, Sany Heavy industry continues to develop the African market

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going to Africa! Benefiting from the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, the construction machinery industry has started a new round of overseas beach grabbing. Recently, Sany Heavy Industry and other Chinese enterprises were invited to visit South Africa and achieved many results. "At present, African local customers have changed from unfamiliar to familiar with 'made in China' and from wait-and-see to trust." Xiao Jiang, general manager of Sany South Africa, said that with the economic growth in Africa and the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the company will usher in greater development in Africa

focus deeply and respond quickly to market requirements

at present, China is Africa's largest trading partner, and Africa is an emerging destination for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas. As early as 2002, Sany sold its first pumping product to Africa. In 2006, Sany established a South African subsidiary in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, and took this as a breakthrough point to sell Sany brand products in South Africa and surrounding countries. Six years later, Sany established the South Africa region with five subsidiaries, pocketed the business income of more than 30 African countries in the south of the Sahara desert, and began to refine the central and southern African market

"the construction machinery market in South Central Africa continues to expand, but in the initial period, the African market was relatively unfamiliar with 'made in China' in this field." Xiao Jiang said, in the face of this situation, how to use the reverse zigzag experimental machine?, South Africa first broke through the dilemma by focusing on key markets and products

according to the actual market situation, Sany South Africa has identified five key markets in South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Congo and Ghana, as well as major sales products such as cranes, excavators and rollers. On this basis, 3 The resources of the display information abnormal department are reconfigured to tilt and focus marketing and service resources to key markets and key products. For example, in Zambia, a key market, Sany has built the first agent 6S store in South Central Africa, which integrates the most advanced marketing service functions, so that African customers have no worries at home

"when customers buy construction machinery and equipment made in China, the most common consideration is after-sales support and parts supply." Xiao Jiang said that by focusing on establishing a sound sales and service system, customers' impression of 'made in China' is gradually improving

in addition to its remarkable performance in traditional construction machinery and equipment, South Africa also actively promotes the group's new business to the sea, and actively contacts the South African government and various industries in new businesses such as residential industrialization projects, smart ports, wind power, mineral exploitation, oil and gas chemical projects

at present, Sany has sold more than US $500million in central and southern Africa, and has more than 4000 sets of equipment. Among them, the market share and brand popularity of large tonnage crawler cranes, mining cars and excavators are in the forefront of the industry

taking root locally and establishing Chinese brand image

localization strategy is an important idea of Sany internationalization, and products are the most important aspect of this strategy. "In order to meet the market demand, all products exported here have been adjusted." Xiao Jiang said that equipment such as truck cranes and front cranes exported to South Africa must pass the local load test in South Africa

local agents are also a powerful arm to help the rapid development of South Africa. At present, Sany has cultivated 13 local agents in South Africa and established perfect distribution channels. Xiao Jiang emphasized that by cooperating with agents and participating in the construction of local landmark projects, the brand of Sany was gradually established

it is reported that Sany cooperates with South African agents as the main supplier in the field of glass fiber, and has won the construction of kusile power plant in South Africa, an international key engineering project. At present, nearly 40 Sany hoisting equipment have been used in the project, including 630 ton and 750 ton crawler cranes, which have repeatedly created the largest export tonnage of Sany, playing a benchmark role for Sany hoisting equipment in the whole African region

in addition to kusile power plant, South Africa 2010 World Cup Stadium, Zimbabwe coal mining, Angola Luanda port project, Ghana Accra water supply plant and Zambia gitwe Chingola road and mine... Sany equipment is widely used in many key projects and projects in southern Africa, which not only establishes a good image of Chinese brand, but also helps the rapid economic development of South Africa

fulfill and become local corporate citizens

not only in terms of products and markets, South Africa also actively fulfill the society and become local corporate citizens. On March 29, 2013, a building under construction collapsed in the center of Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. Sany crane rushed to the scene at the first time, cooperated with the Chinese medical team and hundreds of local military police to carry out rescue operations, and successfully rescued 13 people, which was praised by the Tanzanian government and other parties

in the last month of each quarter, employees in South Africa will visit children in welfare homes. The story of "South African children and Chinese fathers" is widely spread in the region. In December 2014, the South African region won the "public welfare and Charity Award" issued by the China Economic and Trade Association of South Africa for "making South African orphans feel the warmth from China"

at the same time, the South African region will also plan to apply with the South African Ministry of labor for the establishment of a joint skilled worker training center to help local people achieve employment

"Chairman Liang Wengen has always told us to be grateful and repay the society. Sany has always done this." Xiao Jiang said that this is also the common idea in the hearts of all Sany people

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