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first, adhere to the party lesson of clean government. p>

II. Make a special issue on anti-corruption. Vigorously introduce the latest thermoplastic carbon fiber composite (CFRTP) technology of the company, strengthen special topics and characteristic publicity, and successively publish the second special issue of "cheap electronic universal testing machine is mainly used for mechanical property experiments of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products" and a large number of billboards in line with enterprise characteristics such as "clean government three character classic" and "rap clean government", and carry out clean government publicity and Implementation on the main roads of the company in the form of illustrations and texts, Let the staff feel that the company's clean government culture has been implemented and played an open and supervisory role

III. organize an honest practice examination. The company organized 248 party members and leading cadres to take the political reminder examination. He has watched many CDs such as "persisting in punishing corruption with" zero tolerance "," the harm of four evils "," my good brother "," black hole of requisition and demolition - warning record of a series of corruption cases of land requisition and demolition in Xiangtan City ", distributed anti-corruption CDs such as" constantly creating a new situation in the fight against corruption "," seizing public funds and giving gifts "and books such as" reminder of politics - 100 bottom lines of politics that party members and cadres cannot cross ", and carried out the anti-corruption essay competition, We received 27 anti-corruption solicitations, and worked in a multi pronged manner to bring the anti-corruption culture into our minds and hearts

IV. visited the integrity education base. The company organized party and mass cadres to Shaoshan to review the oath of joining the party, so that party members and cadres can bear in mind the purpose, carry forward the fine tradition, strictly observe discipline and work incorruptedly. At the same time, a total of 56 administrative leaders above the middle level and some integrity risk posts were organized to visit Zhuzhou bridgehead integrity education base to carry out on-site warning education with fresh warning cases

v. complete the signing of clean practice commitment. The Company re signed the letter of commitment for honest practice of leading cadres with 196 workshop deputy directors and superior leaders, which was included in the company's performance appraisal, and made a solemn commitment to the organization with practical actions

VI. post risk rating has been carried out. Through the sorting and investigation of integrity risk prevention and control, the company has compiled the integrity risk prevention and control manual of Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd., and the evaluated material will be listed in May. 226 (class) integrity risk positions will be publicized successively and officially implemented below

VII. Strengthen incorruptible employment training. The company specially invited (5) Hercules aluminum's 250000 ton/year aluminum plate, strip and foil project to be fully put into operation, and invited the audit experts from Xiangtan University to give a special lecture on how to strengthen the internal management and control of the enterprise, and how to stick to the bottom line and work honestly, so as to popularize the knowledge of clean government and strengthen the bottom line awareness of leading cadres

through the company's practical activities of setting up seven levels and establishing new practices, the majority of Party members and cadres of the company have recognized the bottom line of honest government, resolutely not involved in "minefields", kept the bottom line and did not fall "somersaults", and the education activities of honest government have achieved initial results

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