The company held the closing ceremony of the eight

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Heli company held the closing ceremony of the eighth Business Administration Training Course

Heli company held the closing ceremony of the eighth Business Administration Training Course

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on September 13, the company held the seat talk exchange and closing ceremony of the eighth Business Administration Training Course in the training center of the complex building of the industrial park. Zhang Dejin, Yang Anguo, Xue Bai, Li Jixiang, duyunfei and other company leaders as well as relevant leaders of Anhui University of administration attended the ceremony. All students of the eighth business administration training class attended the ceremony. They can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The production exchange meeting and graduation ceremony were presided over by Li Jixiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group company

at the symposium, the students made a comprehensive presentation on the development of the company and the promotion of the Department's work in combination with their respective departments and positions. The heads of the R & D department, the political department, the human resources department and other relevant departments of the company graded the trainees one by one, and the leaders of the company also asked questions and commented on the speeches of the trainees

at the graduation ceremony, Du Yunfei, the deputy general manager of the group company, summarized and commented on the contents of the symposium. Xue Baixuan, the general manager of the joint-stock company, read the list of excellent students and issued the graduation certificate and the honorary certificate of "excellent students"

Yang Anguo, general manager of the group company, made a concluding speech at the graduation ceremony, in which he put forward requirements and hopes for all students: first, we should establish the concept of "lifelong learning"; Second, we should give full play to the role of "there are mainly several types of rubber bearing vibration reduction and isolation bearings: high Zuni rubber bearing, natural rubber bearing, lead rubber bearing lifting up and down"; Third, we should take the initiative to find and solve problems; Fourth, we should be good at "recognizing, educating and employing people"; Fifth, we should strive to master innovative methods and tools

At the end of the ceremony, Zhang Dejin, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, delivered an important speech. He hoped that all students should first adapt to the change from the role of business backbone to the role of manager, gradually improve their management ability and understand the art of management through practice on the basis of systematic learning, so as to make greater contributions to the development of joint forces, and the automatic analysis and processing of experimental results of auto parts testing machine. Secondly, we should change our own inherent concepts and consciousness, and actively learn new ideas, establish new ideas, and apply them to practical work in the future. Thirdly, students should review the old and know the new in this article. For the basic management knowledge, they should be "familiar with the heart", and continue to explore and improve on the original basis. Finally, all students should also take the "ten principles of resultant force" as the spiritual guidance, keep the "ten principles of resultant force" in mind and practice

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